template<class T, std::size_t N>
class batch_bool : public xsimd::simd_batch_bool<batch_bool<T, N>>, public xsimd::simd_batch_bool<batch_bool<T, N>>

Batch of boolean values.

The batch_bool class represents a batch of boolean values, that can be used in operations involving batches of integer or floating point values. The boolean values are stored as integer or floating point values, depending on the type of batch they are dedicated to.

Template Parameters
  • T: The value type used for encoding boolean.

  • N: The number of scalar in the batch.

Public Functions


Builds an uninitialized batch of boolean values.

batch_bool(bool b)

Initializes all the values of the batch to b.

xsimd::batch_bool::batch_bool(bool b0, ..., bool bn)

Initializes a batch of booleans with the specified boolean values.

batch_bool(const simd_data &rhs)

Initializes a batch of boolean with the specified SIMD value.

batch_bool &operator=(const simd_data &rhs)

Assigns the specified SIMD value.

operator simd_data() const

Converts this to a SIMD value.