Mathematical functionsΒΆ

abs absolute value
fabs absolute value
fmod remainder of the floating point division operation
remainder signed remainder of the division operation
fma fused multiply-add operation
fms fused multiply-sub operation
fnma fused negated multiply-add operation
fnms fused negated multiply-sub operation
min smaller of two batches
max larger of two batches
fmin smaller of two batches of floating point values
fmax larger of two batches of floating point values
fdim positive difference
clip clipping operation
exp natural exponential function
exp2 base 2 exponential function
exp10 base 10 exponential function
expm1 natural exponential function, minus one
log natural logarithm function
log2 base 2 logarithm function
log10 base 10 logarithm function
log1p natural logarithm of one plus function
pow power function
sqrt square root function
cbrt cubic root function
hypot hypotenuse function
sin sine function
cos cosine function
sincos sine and cosine function
tan tangent function
asin arc sine function
acos arc cosine function
atan arc tangent function
atan2 arc tangent function, determining quadrants
sinh hyperbolic sine function
cosh hyperbolic cosine function
tanh hyperbolic tangent function
asinh inverse hyperbolic sine function
acosh inverse hyperbolic cosine function
atanh inverse hyperbolic tangent function
erf error function
erfc complementary error function
tgamma gamma function
lgamma natural logarithm of the gamma function
ceil nearest integers not less
floor nearest integers not greater
trunc nearest integers not greater in magnitude
round nearest integers, rounding away from zero
nearbyint nearest integers using current rounding mode
rint nearest integers using current rounding mode
isfinite Checks for finite values
isinf Checks for infinite values
isnan Checks for NaN values