template<class X>
class simd_complex_batch_bool : public xsimd::simd_batch_bool<X>

Base class for complex batch of boolean values.

The simd_complex_batch_bool class is the base class for all classes representing a complex batch of boolean values. Complex batch of boolean values is meant for operations that may involve batches of complex numbers. Thus, the boolean values are stored as floating point values, and each type of batch of complex has its dedicated type of boolean batch.



Template Parameters
  • X: The derived type

Public Functions

simd_complex_batch_bool(bool b)

Initializes all the values of the batch to b.

simd_complex_batch_bool(const real_batch &b)

Initializes the values of the batch with those of the real batch b.

A real batch contains scalars whose type is the value_type of the complex number type.