Available wrappers

The batch and batch_bool generic template classes are not implemented, only full specializations of these templates are available depending on the instruction set macros defined according to the instruction sets provided by the compiler.

x86 architecture

Depending on the value of XSIMD_X86_INSTR_SET, the following wrappers are available:

batch batch_bool
batch<float, 4> batch_bool<float, 4>
batch<int32_t, 4> batch_bool<int32_t, 4>
batch<double, 2> batch_bool<double, 2>
batch<int64_t, 2> batch_bool<int64_t, 2>

In addition to the wrappers defined above, the following wrappers are available

batch batch_bool
batch<float, 8> batch_bool<float, 8>
batch<int32_t, 8> batch_bool<int32_t, 8>
batch<double, 4> batch_bool<double, 4>
batch<int64_t, 4> batch_bool<int64_t, 4>